Stevia vs Xylitol


So I have never used sweeteners due to their unhealthy side effects, and horrid aftertaste. Previous to this diet, fair trade golden granulated un refined was my sugar of choice.

While trawling websites of anti-candida diet aficionado’s, Stevia kept cropping up. After a little investigation, I decided to give it a go. Bought some Truvia and ordered some liquid stevia (not arrived yet). However, although it added a little sweetness to my life, I couldn’t get on with the aftertaste at all.

Next on the investigation list was xylitol. I found a bag in a health food store (darn expensive!) and I’ve used it for the last few days.

Conclusions so far:

Xylitol is less sweet that stevia so I use more.

I’m not noticing an unpleasant aftertaste

Apparently it is good for your teeth!

It does however have a taste I shall have to get used to

I prefer it to powdered stevia.

Yet to try it in baking.


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